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Guayusun is a brand that was born from within me, having more than 10 years of experience in the fashion industry in my country of origin, Colombia.

With the experience gained, the result was Guayusun, a brand that promises to bring this artisan culture to a good level in fashion.


Designer: Julieth Fernández.

confectioner: Marivel corro

Collector: Sandra Aguirre

Women heads of household


Thank you for your collaboration and dedication to this project.


The elaboration of each complete piece takes approximately 1 week to be finished.

I hope you like this wonderful idea of wearing art on your bodies because we are art.

And bring our culture to not forget our ancestors.



My inner child, my childhood, 

My grandmother Leonor Royero de Fernández. A great dressmaker and designer. Growing up between threads, spools and fashion figurines.



My father Oswaldo Fernández, a passionate bird collector, but one day he let them go. What a great lesson about the value of freedom, his nickname towards me was little bird, that's why Guayusun opens its wings.



My mother Líacer Carrillo, from indigenous origins, I feel very proud  to be able to carry this culture that is so forgotten in my country, Colombia, and their work is not valued.



Lastly,  My Magdalena, 

my origin, my sierra nevada that is impregnated in me.

Julieth Fernandez



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